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[VLOG] self-care routine ✨GLOW UP EDITION✨ hair, botox + filler, brows, nails, massage + skincare!! Botox Eyebrows

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[VLOG] self-care routine ✨GLOW UP EDITION✨ hair, botox + filler, brows, nails, massage + skincare!! Botox Eyebrows

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This week was a full on #selfcare week but I took it up a notch and made it a ✨GLOW UP EDITION✨ in this #selfcareroutine #vlog we’re doin’ all the things: getting my hair colored, nails done, a massage, brow tint (at home!), skincare, botox and a little dab of filler ☺️ I’ve been so busy with getting ready to move to #NewYorkCity + work that I needed to fill up my cup in a major way ✨ plus, my birthday is in a few weeks so I wanted to treat myself 💕 Sharing links to everything I could find below!

Also, just to clarify: I’m just sharing what I do to boost my confidence and fill up my cup, I’m not sharing to encourage you to do anything that doesn’t align with you, I just want to be fully transparent with what I do cosmetically because honesty is the best policy 🤗 love you!!

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  • ❤Yes, we need to focus on ourselves too and do self care because it is important and beneficial for us! I love the editing of your video Shayla, glad you shared this one with us! You are glowing!❤

  • Happy Easter lovely
    I can’t believe is almost time to move 🥳🥳
    Am soooo ready to see the new place, new furniture, new restaurants, love it…. I wish I could try Botox for free lol, keep you the good vibes lovely sending lots of love your way 💕💖

  • Girrrrllll, the heat pad for the cramps tho!!! Such a dang life changer. I’m not even on my moon and I have it on me right now 🤣 They are so comforting! Loving the vibes of your videos! So glad I found your channel! Sending you so much love and new chapter energy for NY! Excited to see your updates and how well you integrate from West Coast to East 🌌🦋✨
    -Jess 🧚🏽‍♀️

  • Keep it up Girl! Fyi, I’m planning a Trip to New York In October for My Birthday ! Can’t wait! First time in New York ever lol : ) Happy Easter ! xo

  • I’m so happy how much you honor your self care. I always preach about it in my yoga classes and Instagram community – “self care is hardest to do when you need it the most” and you look like you’re completely on your game ! I LOVE it! Happy Easter babe and thanks for taking us along during your calm and stressful life times xxxx I see you

  • You look fabulous (as always)
    Thank you for always being transparent and vulnerable 🙏🏼 I love you 💗
    Btw, some of the links don’t work. I tried the leggings, sports bra, tank and sweatpants and none of them worked for me 🤔 I’ll try again later.
    Love and Blessings to you Shayla~

  • Happy Easter sweetheart🐰🐣. So exciting that your move to NY is so close now, I may move later in the summer to somewhere only 15 mins away from where I am now. So glad you got some self care and you time you deserve it, hope your sleeping a lot better. Sending lots and lots of good vibes💗💗💗✨!

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