Is MICRONEEDLING Worth the Hype? Doctorly Explains #Microneedling Aesthetic

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Is MICRONEEDLING Worth the Hype? Doctorly Explains #Microneedling Aesthetic

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Today, we discuss all things microneedling, dermarolling, and micro-infusion.

Qure Microinfusion Device:

– Iriarte C, et al. Review of applications of microneedling in dermatology. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2017
– Ocampo-Garza SS, et al. Micro needling: A novel therapeutic approach for androgenetic alopecia, A Review of Literature. Dermatol Ther. 2020
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00:00 – Intro
01:45 – What is microneedling?
02:23 – Why microneedling?
04:34 – Benefits of microneedling
05:29 – Dermarollers
08:02 – Dermapen (Stamping Devices)
09:02 – Qure Micro-Infusion System
11:47 – Proper Procedure
12:33 – What we do in the office?
15:05 – Downtime with microneedling?

Video is not sponsored but the Doctorly team does advising / consulting work for Qure

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Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice. Content provided in this video is for educational purposes only. Please consult with a physician regarding any health-related diagnosis or treatment.

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  • thank god these two made a video about this since they are my routine gods! so excited to see what they’ll say <3

  • Well maybe she shouldn’t be pushing so hard with the roller.
    Also I will add, what was the length of those needles? I love my 0.5 roller. I do it once a month.

  • Can you do a review on “simple” skincare products? I am currently trying the moisturizer and facewash from simple. And not just my case but I think a lot of people do own one or few simple skincare products . It would be a really helpful video…

  • Microneedling has absolutely changed my skin for the better. Pore size!! My skin looks poreless now! Best skin I’ve had in years.

  • How about microneedle under eye patches, they’re single use and have microneedles made of some form of crystallised hylaronic acid. I wanna know if they’re worth the price, I’ve been using some and seem to have had good results so far but it’s still early days

  • I think I will pass on micro needling. I would never do it at home and I can’t afford to get it done professionally.

  • Im so very interested in this. I am 52yo gal with Asian tan skin. I am noticing slight nasolabial/marionette lines. I want to prevent them from sagging more. What do u think about microneedling for this?
    Also, would at home heat products (like LED masks) exacerbate hyperpigmentation?

  • If someone is stabbing me repeatedly with needles… There better be ink in them. 😂

  • I would NEVER use a derma roller! If you can’t afford microneedling at the dermatologist, DON’T DO IT AT HOME, you could RUIN your skin! Don’t be stupid people, Please💗💗💗

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