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How To Perform a Botox Brow lift on a small forehead. Botox Eyebrows

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How To Perform a Botox Brow lift on a small forehead. #botox Botox Eyebrows

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In this episode Dr Tim demonstrates his technique for Botox on a small forehead. He shares how to inject the frontalis, corrugators and crows feet whilst also performing a brow lift.

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  • Hi everyone, for all of you asking we will be posting the before and after image of this procedure on my Instagram next week on the 24th August. Head over to my Instagram here >>>

  • Why would you keep treating something temporarily when you can fix it once and for all? People be desperate to find cheap fixes but in the end its not cheap, because you gotta keep paying for it over and over again instead of just once. If you have a tumor do you just scrape off the top over and over each time it grows? No. You go in there and pull/cut that mf out by the root. This is just a money making scheme. It doesn’t really work. It’s just smoke and mirrors. Do a facelift and that’s it. People who are scared of surgery are people who aren’t right with God so they fear death incase something happens because they feel they are going to hell.

  • Здравствуйте, доктор. Я из Ирака, я хочу сделать арабский перевод, потому что мне очень нравится ваше объяснение
    Потому что Ирак не знает, как переводить

  • thank you, this was excellent! Ques:; how much is 20units on the frontalis in ml total?

  • How would this be different if you were to perform this procedure on a big forehead?

  • Any tips for balancing uneven eyebrows, this is what I find hardest in terms of roseate/top up! Thanks

  • What’s the best treatment for a mini brow lift? Botox or pdo threads? Vampire facial could help??

  • I have a client that has one deep vertical line between her brows instead of the usual “number 11”. What is the way to correct this? It doesn’t respond to typical glabella injection. Please continue to make more videos. Ty so much

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