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How much are botox ?

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If you want to have Botox, but you are worried about the costs, we will talk about “How much are botox” costs in this article.

Factors such as the cost of Botox, where you live, your body type, and for which area it will be applied are effective.

You need to go to a specialist for Botox and it needs to be reliable.The city where this specialist you go to and the region where botox will be applied are reflected in the prices.

If you want to have it done in big cities, it will cost more botox.Botox is applied per unit, that is, the more botox unit or unit you want, the more it will cost.

You can expect to pay between $19 and $25 per unit in large cities and as little as $10 per unit in smaller cities

It will be more appropriate to incur unit costs according to your needs. If you are going to have botox done in a single area and you do not want much effect, it will be more expensive for you.

But let’s write down the average botox costs for you :

  • Brow Lift: $450-$600
  • Jaw Slimming: $800-$1200
  • Neck Lift: $850-$950
  • Chin Dimpling: $250-$350

Cost of Most Common Filler Treatments

  • Under Eyes: Short-term filler (Belotero) with cannula technique is $850-$1000. Long-term filler (Volbella) with cannula technique is $1100-$1200.
  • Tacking (restores bone loss in the cheek area): Short-term filler is $800-$1000, long-term filler is $1000-$1500.
  • Blanching (reduces fine lines without making the area puffy): Short-term filler with cannula technique is $1000-$1100, long-term filler with cannula technique is $1200-$1400.
  • Calcium Jowl Lift (restores jawline and picks up jowls): Calcium filler with cannula technique is $2250-$2500.

If you want to look at more detailed botox costs, you can read our article here.(How much is botox 2022 also ?)

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