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How long does it take botox to work ?

How long does it take botox to work
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The most important question on many women’s minds before getting botox isHow long does it take botox to work? “ This question is perfectly normal because you pay for each botox procedure. First of all, how long the effect of botox will last depends on the area of ​​application, muscle thickness, amount of botox used, age, gender, and many factors.

For example, if botox is to be applied on the forehead, effects such as the skin structure of the person, the condition of the muscles, and the depth of the wrinkles should be considered. While it is necessary to adjust the dose of botox very well in people with a fat face and more adipose tissue, separate doses should be applied in people with leaner faces and less adipose tissue.

Even a low dose may be effective in a person who is obese and has no deep wrinkles, while higher doses will be applied with more sessions in a person with a thin face but deep wrinkles. If a wrong muscle, or a wrong dose is applied, the expression of the face will change completely. The effect of Botox is most visible in the first 4 months, and the effect begins to decrease in the next two months. It disappears completely within six months. Since the incorrect application of Botox means that the person walks around with raised eyebrows, an overstretched forehead, a drooping eyelid, and an expressionless face for 4-6 months, I recommend that the experience of the expert be thoroughly investigated.

Why does Botox take time to work?

Again, one of the most asked botox questions “Why does Botox take time to work?” When Botox is injected less, the contraction of the muscles is also slightly reduced. Sometimes even this is done deliberately to achieve a natural look. However, when Botox is injected at the right depth and at the right point as needed, its effect is fully revealed within a week or ten days.

Botox, which is a drug produced in the laboratory, alleviates or stops the work of the muscles for 4-6 months. It is injected under the skin with small needles and applied to the muscles that cause wrinkles and sagging. It is applied to the points called crow’s feet around the eyes, the horizontal lines on the forehead, and the lines between the two eyebrows. It is also applied to the oval of the face and the lines on the neck in order to prevent sagging. It is also used on the vertical lines above the lip.

The effect of Botox starts in 2-3 days, it literally sits in 10-15 days. After the first application, examination is required to understand whether the drug is effective, if there is an area that does not hold and asymmetry has occurred, it is important to correct and apply tiny doses.

The concept of aesthetics includes a holism, which is the consideration of the general condition of the face as a whole. Some of our patients say, “I’m just going to get Botox on my forehead”. However, there are intense wrinkles around the eyes.

If botox is applied only to the forehead area and the patient is 40 years old, a 10-15 year youthful expression is formed. Since the corner of the eye is very wrinkled, it makes it look like 50-55 years old, not 40. In this case, a percent mismatch occurs.

Since it is not possible to achieve aesthetic integrity with a 20-year-old forehead and a 50-year-old eye circumference, the patient should be discussed in advance by considering the face as a whole and planning according to which area needs a procedure.
Botox does not have the same effect on everyone. Since everyone’s skin type, whether they smoke, water consumption, skin elasticity, sagging and wrinkles will affect the success of the procedure, I would like to insist on planning before the procedure.

How often to get botox ?

The effect of Botox is up to 6 months. At the end of this period, the muscles that have been temporarily reduced in activity are restored. Mimic lines also become evident again. If you do not have these injections regularly, there is no negative effect. Let’s say you have it done once and then let it go, it does not cause any deformation. Since the activity of mimic muscles decreases for a few months, at least during that period, your lines will not have deepened.

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