How long does botox last ?

How long does botox last
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One of the most common questions plastic surgeons hear is “How long does botox last?

Using our gestures freely and being able to laugh without worrying about whether my crow’s feet will get wrinkled are important life comforts. Botox is a frequently used application to reduce wrinkles and remove signs of aging. It is a successful treatment that is highly sought after by people from all professions, all ages, and all social classes, with the awareness developing today.

Botox is the general name given to the drug that is produced by the controlled production of the neurotoxin called botulinum toxin in a laboratory environment. Botox has been an international name used for botulinum toxins produced by different companies with different names.

How long does botox last ? Factors that determine the effect of Botox;

1-) Botox Dose

Botox Dose

One of the factors that determine the effect of Botox is the dose. Botox dose should be adjusted according to the patient’s muscle strength. For this, the patient’s muscle strength should be well evaluated by a specialist eye before the application and the dose should be adjusted. Because the importance of botox dose can be defined as a “double-edged sword”. If high-dose botox is applied to the patient with the concern of eliminating all wrinkles and obtaining a long duration of action, an “expressive and dull” face may appear. For this reason, patient-specific solutions should be produced.

2-) Muscle Strength and Size

Muscle Strength and Size

Muscle strength is one of the important factors that determine how long the effect of Botox will last. The stronger the applied muscle (between the eyebrows, forehead, around the eyes, etc.), the shorter the effect of botox will last. When these muscles are weakened over time and brought to more reasonable levels in terms of volume and strength, the duration of botox effect will also be prolonged.

Weak muscles cannot fight against botox like strong muscles. For this reason, patients with strong muscles usually get a quarterly follow-up appointment at first. In this way, the muscles that return to normal levels after the battle with a strong muscle strength can switch to the routine 4-6 month Botox application period.

Another issue is the large size of the muscle. Bulky muscles metabolize Botox faster than smaller muscles, breaking it down. Some here are enlarged muscles to discuss your look with what appears to be a mass in the street, due to a strong frown. The duration of the effect of this botox is shorter than if you have normal muscle mass.

3-)Regular Botox Applications

In patients who have Botox regularly, it is seen that the duration of botox effect is prolonged over time. Since the muscles reach the desired volume and strength after regular botox, the duration of the Borox effect may extend up to nine months in some patients over the years.

4-) Experience and Knowledge of the Botox Doctor

Botox application is a “doctor’s application” that seems easy but requires serious experience and knowledge of anatomy. Personalized botox dosage and application knowledge are important for successful results. In your Google searches, we strongly recommend that you have your Botox treatment done by a specialist doctor in order not to be the subject of one of the bad botox stories titled “those who have botox and regret“, “complaints of those who have had botox“, “images before and after botox“, “comments of those who have had botox“. For this reason, you should do your research in the form of “doctors who do Botox“, not “botox doers“.

5-) Storage and Storage Period of Botox

Botox should be kept in the cold chain. After leaving the cold environment, the effect of botox decreases or disappears. In our country, Botox is a medicine that is within the scope of treatment, so it is only sold by doctors. In other words, people who are not doctors cannot obtain botox under legal conditions, but if they do, illegal conditions and hiding conditions are provided by unknown means. Botox, which is offered to the doctor, reaches the doctor under special storage and transportation conditions. For this reason, these risks should also be taken into account in the “cheapest botox” applications to be made in illegal conditions, under the stairs, in hairdressers and beauty salons.

6-)High Metabolic Rate

Some people have a higher metabolic rate than others. For example, athletes have a high metabolic rate due to intense muscle activity. Therefore, the bodies of athletes begin to work to recover from injuries faster than the bodies of non-athletes. It has a higher metabolic rate than patients who do heavy sports such as athletics and do sports frequently. It works to break down Botox applications by accepting them as a foreign invasion. For this reason, the effect of Botox may last shorter in those who do sports frequently and regularly.

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