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How does botox help migraines ?

How does botox help migraines
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It may be possible to cope with the migraine problem that drives people crazy with botox.The question on many people’s minds ” How does botox help migraines ” In clinical studies and experiments, it has been determined that people with migraine improve and their pain is relieved after botox treatment.

So How Do Migraines Happen?

If your headache occurs in attacks, this pain is called migraine pain. Migraine attacks can be seen 1-2 times a year in some, and many times in a month in others. It can be said that most of the migraine pains are very severe. Apart from being a severe headache, the most important feature that distinguishes migraine pain from other pains is the nausea, sensitivity to sound and light that occur with the pain. Migraine sufferers find it difficult to complete their daily work due to these ailments accompanying the headache. However, a long process and specialist doctor control is very important for a complete diagnosis of migraine.

What Are Migraine Symptoms?

The main symptom of migraine is severe headache. Migraine headaches are so severe that; may affect the performance of a function or make the person incapacitated, making bed rest necessary. One of the symptoms of migraine is unilateral headache. These unilateral headaches, which can change sides from time to time, generally tend to one half more than the other half. In migraine, the headache is often located in the temples and sometimes in the eye or behind the eye. The forehead, the back of the head and just behind the ear are the most common places for migraine headaches.

In addition to headache, migraine symptoms such as hypersensitivity-reactivity, depressive mood, excessive and unnecessary cheerfulness, stagnation / dullness, decrease in concentration and attention, slowdown in thought, difficulty in finding words, stuttering when speaking, increased light-sound-smell sensitivity, yawning, Desire to sleep, hunger, desire to eat sweets, increased appetite or loss of appetite, excessive water drinking, feeling of bloating, constipation or diarrhea are also frequently observed. During migraine pain, increased sensitivity to light and sound can be so severe that; Exposure to them can increase the severity of pain. Another well-known migraine symptom is an increased sensitivity to smell. For this reason, increased nausea and vomiting can be seen even due to pleasant smells such as perfume.

Another symptom of migraine is “aura”. Some neurological symptoms that appear just before a severe headache are called “Aura”. It can be visual or sensory. Migraine aura occurs before the onset of pain or during the initial development of pain. It is of relatively short duration; It usually takes 20 minutes between 10 and 30 minutes.

How does Botox for help migraine?

Now let’s come to our main topic,How does Botox for help migraine?

Botox is a preventative treatment for migraine, that is, it can reduce the frequency and pain of migraine, but not completely eliminate it.

Technically speaking, how botox cures migraines

It shows that the drug used in Botox treatment interrupts the pain transmission path between the brain (central nervous system) and the nerves extending from the spinal cord.However, it is still not fully understood why Botox works this way.

How to treat migraine with botox

Using a small needle, the doctor injects botulinum toxin into small muscles under your skin in various areas of your face, head, and neck.

Injections may be given to your forehead, temples, and the back of your head and neck. Sometimes the doctor injects the medication into areas called “trigger points” where headache pain originates.

It may take several weeks and more than one treatment before you start to get relief from your migraine headaches. Regular treatments are needed to keep migraines under control.

How long does Botox for migraines last?

The Botox effect usually lasts for about three months. Some people need another migraine treatment during the last two weeks of their Botox cycle, as the injections are repeated every three months at the latest.

Where do they inject Botox for migraines?

Botox injection sites for migraine

Injections can be given to your forehead, temples, and the back of your head and neck. Sometimes the doctor injects it into areas called “key points” where the headache pain originates.

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