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Can you drink after botox

Can you drink after botox
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The question asked by many botox people “Can you drink after botox” First of all, alcohol thins the blood, which will cause bruising at the injection site.

It is important to keep bruises to a minimum after your Botox or filler treatment, and my patients, especially those with a tendency to bruise more easily, experience bruises more quickly when they use alcohol.

Secondly, it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol after having Botox or filler injections until you know how the treatment will affect you. One of the potential side effects of Botox is dizziness and drowsiness. These side effects are exacerbated when alcohol is consumed.

Once you determine how you respond to Botox and fillers and the results are positive, you can consume alcohol. Drinking alcohol will not affect results and you can enjoy alcohol normally, although moderate consumption is always recommended for health reasons.

Alcohol consumption causes your blood vessels to dilate, which can cause swelling.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not consume alcohol before or for at least 24 hours after starting your botox treatment, so that you can start enjoying great results as soon as possible and with minimal bruising. any treatment.

How soon after Botox Can I drink alcohol?

It is ideal to wait at least two days after your procedure to drink alcohol. Depending on how you and your skin feel, you may want to wait a little longer to shake the cocktail shaker.

What happens if I drink after Botox?

Drinking after Botox can cause a number of problems that can prolong your recovery. Alcohol has blood thinning properties and is a vasodilator. This means it causes more blood flow, which can cause bruising and swelling at the injection site.

Can I have glass of wine day after Botox?

Drinking also seriously dehydrates you and your skin. At best, dry skin can minimize how long Botox takes. At worst, it can completely jeopardize your results. It’s best to wait at least a day or two before drinking.

Can I drink 24 hours after Botox?

We strongly recommend that you do not consume alcohol after at least 24 hours. for any botox treatment.

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